A Bit About Me

Erik M Eilers, outdoor portrait photographer in and around San Diego.

Thank you for stopping by to have a peek at my work!

I am Erik and I love photographing the moments that make long lasting memories. Capturing these special moments and knowing that you will be able to look back on them anytime you need a smile is an extremely gratifying experience.  Watching my own kids grow up makes me realize how important it really is to preserve the memories. I work in the portrait photography world as well as the landscape print world. 

Together with my loves, I call San Diego home.  Traveling is a passion of mine and I've been lucky to see some pretty amazing parts of the world.  I ride mountain bikes...a lot, and surf when the swell is up.  Fitness is important to me. I have a degree in Engineering, Math and Meteorology from the University of Maryland.  Out of college, I drove a ship, was a dive master and studied coral reefs, seals, whales and dolphins.  I love the water.  I love to laugh!  I love to see people smile.

There we are...

There we are...

How I started in photography...

My previous career, as a NOAA Corps Officer, in marine mammal and oceanographic research, took me to some pretty amazing places, so I thought I needed a camera to share the amazing places that I was lucky enough to see. In my second assignment I was a Cetacean Photogrammetry Specialist, which is basically measuring marine mammals from aerial photography, which was pretty incredible. My interest in photography grew more in both the technical side as well as the artistic side of things. Once I started to figure things out a bit, a few friends started to ask about family portraits, and things just started to grow from there. Fast forward, I shot weddings for 10 years, as well as family portraits, and now family portrait photography is the norm and a bit of travel photography when we get the chance. Every now and again I will go out and photograph some mountain bike action with my friends.  Other times, if I am lucky enough, I will even get my kids to smile for me...haha!

I hope you enjoy looking at my work.  If you have any questions or would like to chat a bit about your next photo session, just give me a call or email.  My information is on my Contact page.

Email: erik@erikmeilers.com                    Phone: (619) 977-5543