A Bit About Me

Erik M Eilers, San Diego wedding photographer and portrait photographer.

Nice to meet you...and thank you for viewing my work!

I am Erik, a one person operation, and I love photographing the moments that happen between people. Capturing these special moments and knowing that you will be able to look back on them anytime you need a smile is an extremely gratifying experience.  My work is mostly in the wedding and portrait photography world, but I also like to shoot actions sports and travel when possible.  Watching my own kids grow up makes me realize how important it really is to preserve those memories. 

My photographic style is a bit of a mix of traditional and photojournalistic styles, which makes for a nice mix of photographs for your wedding or family portraits.  There will always be the need for traditional posed shots of the families, as it's pretty rare that everyone is together all at once.  But I also like to photograph those moments that happen when people are just being themselves, from the perimeter, and stay out of everyone's way.  No one likes an annoying photographer...haha!


A bit about me…

I live in Penasquitos, just a bit north of San Diego, with the three most amazing people and dog I could imagine...my wife, Jennifer, and two boys, Quinn and Vaughn, make my world go 'round.  I love to travel, and have been lucky to see some pretty amazing parts of the world.  I ride mountain bikes...a lot.  Fitness is important to me. I have a degree in Engineering, Math and Meteorology from the University of Maryland.  Out of college, I drove a ship, was a dive master and studied coral reefs, seals, whales and dolphins.  I love the water.  I love to laugh!  I love to see people smile.

How I started in photography...

I did not grow up with an inherited camera in my hands. My previous career in marine mammal and oceanographic research, took me to some pretty amazing places, so I thought I needed a camera to share the amazing places that I was lucky enough to see. In my second assignment as a NOAA Corps Officer, I was a Cetacean Photogrammetry Specialist, which is basically measuring marine mammals from aerial photography, which was pretty friggin cool. My interest in photography grew more in both the technical side as well as the artistic side of things. Once I started to figure things out a bit, a few friends started to ask about family portraits, and things just started to grow from there. Fast forward ten years, and wedding and family portrait photography are now the norm. I am a preferred photographer for The Abbey Catering, who does all inclusive wedding packages, and are amazing at what they do. Every now and again I will go out and photograph some mountain bike action with my friends, and other times, if I am lucky enough, I will even get my kids to smile for me from time to time...haha!

I hope you enjoy looking at my craft.  If you have any questions or would like to chat a bit about your next photo session, just give me a call or email.  My information is on my Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Email: erik@erikmeilers.com                    Phone: (619) 977-5543